Welcome to our blog on extreme precipitation.  Our focus with this blog is to highlight important precipitation events that have either significant Average Recurrence Intervals (ARIs) or have significant flooding and showcase our MetStorm™ product and its capabilities.

MetStorm™ is a near real-time precipitation analysis tool that uses innovative algorithms to integrate real-time precipitation gauge, radar-estimated precipitation, and satellite data into a set of analytics that describe storms.

These unique storm precipitation analytics include a depth-area-duration (DAD) table and plot, average recurrence interval map, and mass curve table/plot for the storms’ center. A free subset of these analytics are available here on the blog for significant events, and more detailed and expansive set can be available upon request.

To learn more about MetStorm™, please visit our website at http://metstat.com/solutions/metstorm/

We hope you enjoy our blog, come back soon!

-MetStat Team