Real-Time Precipitation Analyses


MetStat® offers a variety of cutting-edge real-time precipitation products and services. Our specialties include real-time Quantitative Precipitation Estimates (QPE), Average Recurrence Interval (ARI) maps of precipitation and quality-controlled precipitation gauge data.  Our real-time products incorporate the knowledge, quality and methods utilized in our our detailed consulting to bring you the very best precipitation products available.

Near Real-Time Quantitative Precipitation Estimates

Our real-time product suite may be of particular use to the following professions and industries, to name a few:

  • Dam safety engineers
  • Weather forecasters
  • Flood control district managers
  • Mining operators 
  • Water conveyance operators
  • Combined sewer overflow system managers
  • Live event coordinators
  • Energy clients
  • Agriculture clients
  • Insurance companies
  • Media outlets
  • Data scientists
  • Near real-time hydrologic modelers 

Our near real-time precipitation content is included on numerous weather web sites, including Weather Decision Technologies, Inc.’s WeatherOps Commander and Colorado’s Flood Threat Bulletin.

This Flash-based interface provides access to our MetStormLIVE precipitation data, as well as our near real-time ARI (a.k.a. Extreme Precipitation Index). Hover over the “WEATHER” text for a drop-down menu of different precipitation layers.


Average Recurrence Interval (ARI) maps

By leveraging our precipitation frequency expertise and products, we translate maps of near real-time precipitation into Average Recurrence Interval (ARI) maps to objectively convey the rareness of recently occurring precipitation events. Additionally, we translate precipitation forecasts generated from the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model into ARIs, thereby providing clients with a predicted rarity measure for upcoming storms. Our near real-time and forecast ARI products provide powerful situational awareness to clients with assets vulnerable to extreme precipitation (dams, mining tailing ponds, bridges, nuclear power plants, roads/highways, railroads, flood control districts, etc.). ARI maps provide an objective and timely depiction of the magnitude and extent of high-impact precipitation and allow users to make appropriate decisions. Furthermore, ARI maps remove the distraction of heavy, but not abnormal, precipitation thereby highlighting only the high-impact, most unusual precipitation.


Quality-controlled 1-hour Precipitation Gauge Data

Our deep understanding of precipitation measurement and quality control equipped us with the expertise to develop, operate and maintain the largest known quality-controlled 1-hour precipitation gauge data set in the U.S. with Synoptic Data Corp. Our Amazon Web Service cloud-based computing system gathers, consolidates and quality controls over 25,000 precipitation gauge reports each hour from over 200 networks. The quality control algorithm uses a multi-sensor approach to score each measured precipitation value with a quality flag.

Quality controlled precipitation gauge data is the cornerstone of countless studies, products and services, including MetStormLive.

Look to MetStat's near real-time precipitation analytics for supporting your situational awareness applications, populating your weather dashboards or feeding your hydrologic model.