Customers and Collaborators

Strategic Partners and Collaborators

We achieve our mission by tapping into our wealth of expertise, both within and outside of MetStat, as well as through our strong partnerships with other companies.  The following are current and past strategic partners of MetStat.

Since 2012, MetStat has had the privilege to work with RTI International (formerly Riverside Technologyon stochastic flood modeling projects for Risk-Informed Decision Making (RIDM). MetStat has a skilled team and set of tools for providing the needed input into the Stochastic Event Flood Model (SEFM).

Since 2009, Weather Decision Technologies, Inc. has served MetStat as a vendor/partner for high-resolution, NEXRAD radar data.  In addition, we are jointly developing real-time average recurrence interval maps of observed and forecast precipitation.

Since 2012, MetStat has had the privilege to work with MGS Engineering Consultants, Inc. on stochastic flood modeling projects for Risk-Informed Decision Making (RIDM) assessments. MetStatalso provides training for L-RAP (L-moment Regional Analysis Program).

MetStat has served as Synoptic’s precipitation expertise since 2012 when the MetStat innovative precipitation gauge quality control system was integrated into Synoptic’s global data hub technology.

MetStat and CSU’s College of Engineering are designing a widget for converting the standard CoCoRaHS precipitation gauge into a device that will automatically weigh and wirelessly transmit precipitation in real-time.

Since 2014, Applied Climate Services and MetStat have been key partners in regional precipitation frequency projects.

MetStat is supporting Northern Vermont University in their development of a real-time monitoring system for winter storm icing events.


MetStat® has proudly served dozens of customers throughout our history. These customers include energy utilities, engineering firms, government agencies, law firms, media outlets, and educational institutions, among others. Below is a partial list of customers and past team members on collaborative projects.