Locations of MetStorm®-Analyzed Storm Events


A systematic means of providing an accurate, detailed analysis of precipitation associated with a recently occurring storm has historically been difficult to attain given the lack of reliable data. However, real-time precipitation gauge data and radar-estimated precipitation data make near real-time, systematic storm analyses possible. MetStorm® integrates quality-controlled precipitation gauge data, dual-pol radar-estimated precipitation data, satellite-estimated precipitation data and innovative algorithms for computing precipitation analytics. If available, storm analyses of this nature support media inquiries, hydrologic modeling calibration and validation, flood responses, forensic cases, insurance claims, emergency management, situational awareness, and help build a storm database for use in engineering design applications.

MetStorm flow chart.

MetStorm® flow chart.


MetStorm® is a new Geographic Information System (GIS) based analysis system that produces gridded precipitation at 5-minute and/or 1-hour intervals over a specified domain. The relative spatial precipitation patterns are largely governed by Weather Decision Technologies Polarimetric Radar Identification System (POLARIS) quantitative precipitation estimates (QPE). The POLARIS QPE is a mosaic of Dual-Polarimetric (Dual-Pol) radar-estimated precipitation at a spatial resolution of 250-m. Meanwhile, the precipitation magnitudes of MetStorm® precipitation grids are influenced by quality-controlled rain gauge data from our strategic partner, Synoptic Data Corp. MetStorm® has the ability to integrate both hourly- and daily-reported precipitation data, thereby providing a high degree of gauge density for “ground truthing.” Satellite data, though at a coarser spatial resolution (4-km), influences areas void of rain gauge and/or radar data. Innovative algorithms blend the precipitation estimates from the different sources into a seamless GIS grid, which provides the basis for summary statistics, maps, tables and plots. MetStorm® generates a unique set of storm precipitation analytics, including:

  • High-resolution total, 5-minute and/or hourly precipitation grids/maps
  • Depth-Area-Duration (DAD) tables/plots
  • Average Recurrence Interval maps/grids
  • Mass curve tables/plots for any location at 5-minute or 1-hour intervals
  • Complete rain gauge data catalog
  • Error statistics
  • Validation plots
  • Storm report

A free subset of storm analytics are posted in our Blog for significant storms, while more in-depth analytics and data are available upon request.