Access to and Information About MetStat's Online Precipitation Tools

MetPortal™ online interfaces provide access to precipitation statistics, analytics, maps and more. MetStat hosts several different interfaces, each featuring customized data for supporting specific industries or projects. This page provides general information and links to all available MetPortals.

Colorado-New Mexico Regional Extreme Precipitation Study MetPortal

Release Date: October 1, 2018

Version Information

The Colorado-New Mexico Regional Extreme Precipitation Study (CO-NM REPS) was a multi-year (2016-2018) effort to update extreme precipitation information for the Dam Safety offices of Colorado and New Mexico. In collaboration with MGS Engineering, MetStat computed extreme precipitation-frequency estimates throughout these two states using a regional precipitation frequency analysis approach. Dam Safety and other high-consequence hydrologic structures, require precipitation estimates with annual exceedance probabilities on the order of 1 in 1,000,000. This game-changing project establish new standards-of-practice for future state/federal government extreme precipitation projects and is a big leap towards more objective probabilistic regulations.

CO-NM REPS Precipitation Frequency MetPortal™ access the following data for three different storm types:

  • Point precipitation frequency estimates for annual exceedance probabilities as rare as 0.0001% (1 in 1,000,000 chance)
  • Watershed precipitation frequency estimates for area sizes up to 2,000 square miles
  • Spatial and temporal storm precipitation patterns for hydrologic modeling
  • Climatological temperatures and freezing level heights for accounting for rain/snow phases in hydrologic models
  • A users guide

CO-NM REPS Precipitation Frequency MetPortal™ access is open to the public. Its hosting, technical support and future improvements are being supported by the states of New Mexico and Colorado. For version information, please consult the hyperlinked text file in the table above.

South Carolina Extreme Precipitation and Flood Alert MetPortal

Release Date: Spring 2020

Version Information

In the wake of the October 2015 floods in South Carolina, state, county, and local officials (based on feedback from the general public, academia, and private engineering firms) identified a key need for enhanced warning capabilities during extreme weather events related to flash and riverine flooding. Since this time, MetStat has partnered with the State of South Carolina State Climate Office to develop a precipitation and flood warning system for the state of South Carolina through FEMAs Hazard Mitigation Grant Program.

MetStat and its collaborators offer a solution for a robust flood warning and alert system to provide the emergency management community with hydrometeorological guidance in disaster preparation, response, and mitigation planning efforts. While the greatest benefit is anticipated in rural areas, the tools built will be available across all areas of South Carolina.

The South Carolina Extreme Precipitation and Flood Alert MetPortal™ access the following data/information: 

  • Precipitation forecasts (QPF) from the WRF model
  • Near real-time gauge-adjusted precipitation estimates (QPE) and Annual Exceedance Probabilities (AEP) from MetStormLive
  • Watershed average precipitation and AEP
  • USGS stream gauge and quality controlled precipitation gauge information
  • Email/text alert configuration options to be informed/warned upon impactful events specified by thresholds set by users

This MetPortal™ is under development and not yet publicly accessible. We anticipate public release in mid-2020.

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