The Mission of MetStat, Inc.

To provide comprehensive, consistent and highly accurate meteorological products, services and consulting to meet the complex needs of our clients through honest, professional and reliable business relationships.

MetStat® is a specialized meteorological consulting company in Fort Collins, Colorado, home of Colorado State University.

We are committed meteorological engineers and leaders in detailed precipitation analysis, real-time gauge-adjusted radar rainfall products, weather frequency analysis, weather event reconstructions, forensic meteorology and the spatial interpolation of meteorological and climatological variables. For over 15 years, we have provided accurate, innovative, and detailed meteorological and hydrometeorological information to the private and public sectors. The technical expertise of MetStat® and its partnering companies provides the comprehensive technical knowledge required to complete tasks effectively and efficiently. The MetStat® team has nearly 100 years combined meteorological experience, multiple-degreed employees and several organization affiliations that makes us highly qualified and capable of a wide variety of meteorological services.

MetStat® has proven history of providing accurate, high-resolution data products to hydrologists for hydrologic model calibration and validation. In fact, MetStat® is the U.S. leader in providing the necessary components (dew point climatologies, extreme rainfall analyses, depth-area-duration curves, sea surface temperature climatologies, and surface analysis) for Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP) estimation. Our strong Geographical Information System (GIS) emphasis allows us to develop output compatible with our client needs. For 11 years, MetStat® supported NOAA’s National Weather Service precipitation frequency Atlas development. MetStat® then developed the unique capability of calibrating real-time gauge-adjusted radar rainfall into precipitation frequency estimates.

MetStat® brings a new, innovative and powerful new tool to the industry that provides an objective perspective of rainfall intensities in near real-time. Our comprehensive understanding of precipitation has allowed us to develop reliable techniques to blend weather radar data together with observed data to reconstruct weather events to support a wide variety of purposes, including legal, insurance, modeling and design. Given our extreme rainfall/precipitation specialty, we are on the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) extreme precipitation evaluation committee, which is responsible for assessing the validity of potentially new world record rainfall intensities. MetStat® has provided data and analyses for several legal cases involving flooding and wind damage, as well as snow climatologies to support the structural design of buildings.


Our uniquely qualified team is committed to providing you the highest quality expertise in precipitation monitoring, modeling and forecasting.  Our team is comprised of honest, hard-working professionals that go the extra mile to make sure you are a happy client. MetStat® can also turn to its comprehensive network of professional scientists to provide the very best products and services available.

Customers and Testimonials

MetStat® has proudly served a number of customers since 1994.

Career Opportunities

We are not always hiring, but always seeking skilled employees, contractors and/or partners for future projects.  Please email ( us your resume to be considered for future opportunities.


We achieve our mission by tapping into our wealth of expertise, both within MetStat® and outside of MetStat® as well through our strong partnerships with other companies.