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Welcome to MetStat -- Specialists in METeorological STATistics

We are a Meteorological Engineering company that specialize in detailed precipitation analysis, regional frequency analysis of weather variables and accurate gauge-adjusted NEXRAD precipitation for optimization of hydrologic design, efficient water management and public safety. We do so with integrity, honesty, professionalism and reliability.

Detailed Precipitation Analysis

Rely on our state-of-the-science Storm Precipitation Analysis System (SPAS) to provide you high-resolution (1km, every 5-minutes) precipitation associated with any storm or in real-time to meet your sensitive hydrologic modeling, design criteria or legal needs.

Extreme Precipitation Index (EPI)

100-year precipitation events occur almost every day somewhere in the U.S. -- find out where the biggest storms are today. Our unique products/services provide a powerful means of monitoring and forecasting high impact precipitation events.

Weather Frequency Analysis

Was it a 100-year storm? Rely on our expertise and experience in frequency analysis to tell you. Whether for design optimization, legal purposes, media reports or insurance claims, we conduct thorough and accurate frequency analyses on all types of weather elements, such as wind speeds, dew points, precipitation and snow.